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Choose the level that is right for you

$ 1600 Includes 5 hours of customization
  • Customizable to client's business
  • Easily updated and distributed
  • Resides on the employees phone or tablet
  • Minimal keystrokes to access data
  • Can contain pictures and diagrams
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Pricing based on Number of Employees Participating
  • Basic Features Plus
  • Unlimited Version Updates
  • Monitoring Regulation Changes
  • Monitoring Employee Manual Downloads
  • Historical Manual versions are accessible
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Pricing based on Number of Employees Participating
  • Monitored Features plus
  • Periodic Quizzes for Employee Groups
  • Quiz Results for Administrative Review
  • Support if charged by government regulators
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Compliant Publishing - Level Comparision

  • Paperless
  • Formatted for phones and tablets
  • Resides on employee's device … not cloud-based
  • Information accessible with minimum keystrokes
  • Easily updated
  • Easily distributed using wifi or cellular
  • Generic content by industry experts
  • Totally customizable to the client's company
  • Pictures/Diagrams can be included
  • Can include "How to …" instructions
  • Clients informed when regulations change
  • Regulations are monitored for changes
  • Updates implemented with client approval
  • Unlimited updated versions
  • New version downloads tracked for all employees
  • Historical Manuals retained and accessible
  • Client-created short employee quizzes
  • Unlimited number of questions per quiz
  • Unlimited number of quizzes
  • Employees complete quiz on their device
  • Quiz results available by employee
  • Quiz results available by question
  • Basic
  • Monitored
  • Enterprise