Compliant Use Cases



A Digital Driver's Reference Manual allows you to provide your drivers with an up-to-date manual that contains government regulations, company policies, safety policies plus information customized to your business and their job as a driver.


Human Resources

A Digital Employee's Reference Manual or a Digital Health & Safety Reference Manual allows your employees to access important company information anywhere and anytime because it resides on their personal device ... smartphone and/or tablet.


Property Management

A Digital Resident's Reference Manual allows landlords and condo boards to provide their residents with property rules, conflict resolution procedures, and management contact information that is always up-to-date.

What efficiencies can be achieved with by digitizing a manual?

  • img Eliminate printing costs and all the accompanying logistics
  • img Eliminate storage and distribution costs
  • img The ability to format the manual to display properly on different devices - smartphones, tablets, as well as computers
  • img Tracking the receipt of all the releases of the manual for all staff members
  • img Have a manual that is current with any government regulations and company policies
  • img A manual that is easily translated into multiple languages
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What are the downsides to digitizing a manual?

There really aren’t any!!

Cost should certainly NOT be considered a downside given the continual savings that will be realized based on the cost
of printing and distributing a manual in the traditional way.

The Benefits of Digitizing a Manual

  • 1

    The content can be customized to the client’s industry and specific needs

  • 2

    The manual can be customized with the client company’s policies and procedures

  • 3

    The manual can contain colour pictures and short descriptive videos

  • 4

    Checklists can be included and submitted online with proper communications

  • 5

    Minimal keystrokes can take the reader to the desired topic in the manual

  • 6

    The manual can be formatted for smartphones and/or tablets as well as computers

  • 7

    The manual can be downloaded to the recipient’s device so that it is always accessible

  • 8

    No limit to the number of copies that can be distributed ... no printing to worry about

  • 9

    Recipient’s access to the manual can be monitored by the client, if desired

  • 10

    The manual can easily be translated into multiple languages

A Digital Driver’s Reference Manual

Government driving regulations for fleet operators change and company policies can also require amending periodically. As soon as a Driver’s Manual is printed, it runs the risk of not being current in, say, six months and then there is the headache of how to update a printed manual. Certainly updates can be printed and distributed but that brings with it the problem of how to incorporate updates in to the existing Manual.

By creating a Digital Driver’s Reference Manual, these problems disappear. The Master Copy of the manual can be updated, the update text can be stored, formatted for distribution, and then sent to the recipients over the internet or cellular network to reside on their devices - smartphones, tablets, and/or computers. The distribution cost is virtually nil because the infrastructure to distribute the revised manual is already in place and paid for.


What Compliant Publishing can
do for our clients with truck fleets:

  • imgBy having an up-to-date manual for their drivers, if our clients ever have to
    defend a charge laid by a government regulatory agency, our clients will be
    able to produce a copy of the comprehensive Driver’s Manual that they
    provide to their drivers
  • imgOur staff will monitor the government transportation agencies looking for regulation or policy changes that will affect the management of truck fleets
  • imgWe will update our clients’ manuals with any changes
  • imgWe will inform the client that a new release of their manual is available
  • imgWe will request any company-related changes that should be incorporated
    into the new release
  • imgWe will provide a draft copy to company staff for review and approval
  • imgOnce approved, we will send the new release to those people on the client’s distribution list using the internet and cellular networks

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