About Us

Compliant Publishing is a division of Compliant Trucking Inc. and was created to produce digital manuals for businesses and organizations. Printed manuals are quickly being supplanted by digital manuals that eliminate the printing, binding, and distribution costs involved with a printed manual. In addition, digital manuals are more easily updated and those updated versions can be distributed at virtually no cost. Information is more easily accessed using a few keystrokes rather than searching through a printed document. In addition, short videos can be embedded in digital manuals and “hot links” can allow the user to instantly jump to another part of the manual to access additional information on a particular topic.

Compliant Publishing assists businesses in creating their customized manual, compiling the manual to operate and display properly on various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, and distributing the digital manuals to their employees.

Our initial focus is on Digital Driver’s Reference Manuals for the trucking industry but the same concept and process can be used for many other businesses and organizations where it is beneficial to have a reference manual handy while the employee is “on the job” – e.g. company Health & Safety Manuals and reference manuals for the workers in many industries. In addition, residents’ manuals for condominium corporations and rental properties could also benefit from “going digital”. Basically, wherever a manual has, in the past, been printed and periodically requires updating, creating a digital manual can save money, simplify distribution, and make the information much easier to access.

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